Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been thinking. Different stuff. About all kinds of things.
I've come to a conclusion. I've grown up, or rather changes quite a bit in the recent past. I don't know that I want the same things I always thought I wanted.
As of right now my motivations are selfish and I don't care if there's something wrong with that. I'm ready to do what I do and be successful for me.
I'm very specific. I have rules that I follow and I prefer for people close to me to know them and respect them.
I like to be doing something. I used to lie in bed for most of the morning on Saturdays, now if I'm not asleep or reading, I'm not in bed.
I have an easier time recognizing what's important to me.
I've defined what a friend is to me. If you don't fit in that definition then adjust or I might start ignoring you.
I don't smile as much as I used to. It's not because I'm unhappy. I'm really happy to be me, but it's a happiness with myself. Inward happiness. I don't have to express it all the time and it's not dependent on other people, so I don't need them to know whether or not I'm happy.
So, that's how I would describe myself in this moment. Not that any one will know, but it feels pretty good to write it out.

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