Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I will be eating pistachio pudding on St. Patrick's Day.

I'm an Irish dancer. This year is the first time since I was five that I've been away from my dance school for the St. Patty's season. (Yeah, no joke. It's a whole season of its own.) I've been getting a bit nostalgic for all the little things that make March March. (Thanks Power Academy for letting me be in the parade and a show with you.) I've been trying to think of ways to celebrate St. Pat's this year and I think the best thing I have come up with is pistachio pudding. Just hear me it.
I remember some of the most insignificant things from Kindergarten. This would be one of those stories. On St. Pat's the leprechauns left us little jars (baby-food sized) of white powder. (Whoa, I just realized what the implications of that could be. Haha. No worries though.) Ms. Lamb and Ms. Weathers took us to the cafetorium (it had a stage) and poured milk in our jars. Then we shook the jars up and it became this white goop, which we proceeded to eat. It was sweet and delicious. There was definitely not enough in those tiny jars. Basically, the leprechauns left us magical green gloop powder. Until a couple years ago I had mostly forgotten about it, but I still didn't know what the magic powder was.
Then, I was walking through the grocery store and I see pistachio pudding. I have an imaginary giggle fit. THAT'S IT! I finally figured out the mystery of Kindergarten. (Who's ever heard of pistachio pudding anyway?)
So this year, I picked up my package of instant pistachio pudding and will be eating it to celebrate Christianity being brought to Ireland. Thanks St. Patrick for giving me a good excuse to eat this bizarre treat.