Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here's the Plans Captain Stanley.

After I've lived in my loft apartment and found the cure for cancer, what I really want to do is adopt some Latino children, move to suburbia, and open a dance studio.

Why adopt Latino children? Well, they're cute and they need adopting. Ok, there really isn't a good reason for this one. It just sounded nice.
Why move to suburbia? For the sake of my Latino children.
Why open a dance studio? Because, as much as I love science and stuff my life wouldn't be the same without dance. That and I definitely want to work with children doing something they enjoy.

So here's the more detailed version of the plan.
I loved it in Colorado. I spent a week or so in Loveland and, go figure, loved the area. It's an hour from Denver, an hour from mountains, an hour from basically everything. It has a cool old timey downtown area, which would be perfect for my dance studio. There's a lake and real parks and stuff that would be great for spending time with my Latino chilluns. Oh and there are just enough trees to remind me of Georgia. Of course the fact that I have family out there is a plus, but who knows? They may not be there by the time I'm ready to settle down and I'm ok with that too. It's just such a great place.
As for my dance studio, I'll be focusing on Irish dance, which means I'll need a TCRG. I'll probably get that while I'm curing cancer. I definitely want to get enough training to where I can teach other World dance styles too. A partner in crime would be nice. Maybe somebody who could teach more mainstream dance styles, like ballet and jazz and...yeah. Mainstream. I'm also hoping that some of the biological stuff I plan on studying will help me with body stuff I could give classes on. You know like how to eat right, what muscles to you need to work, injury prevention. Cool stuff like that. If not, I'll probably end up studying that stuff anyway because I think it's pretty gol durned important.
Weekends will be spent hiking with my little ones. [That's probably why Colorado is the most 'in shape' state. Good hiking and walking and biking...and other stuff] Of course some weekends will be reserved for supporting my dancers at competitions.

Oh ok, I think I'm done now. Since nobody actually reads this it doesn't even matter that the ending is quite abrupt. Or that the spelling stinks. Where'd my spell check go?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

True Ramblings of a PseudoTeen

This is something I wrote a while ago and rediscovered recently. Not like anybody reads it, but whatever. I intended to post it anyway. Here goes.

I call myself a pseudoteen because I never have behaved like a 'normal' teenager. I think I would have gotten bored of that step anyway, so I skipped it. I don't know whether that means you should be jealous of me or feel sorry for me. Personally? I'm ok with it. I'm not a big fan of drama, or what adults call 'drama' in teenage life. Sure, I've always had a flair for the dramatic, but I know that I'm just being ridiculous, almost like I'm acting. [Wow, drama! Imagine that word actually meaning something!] Where I have a problem is when people actually believe what they're saying.