Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear you, Stop it! Love, Kara

My very best friend Sharon and I have come to a decision and we are laying out the law. Listen up gentlemen.
If you don't like me, stop being so nice. It really is a huge problem considering I'm just used to jerk-wads. (Yes, those are wads of jerkiness.) So yeah, when a guy is excessively nice or even just uncommonly kind for that matter my girly brain goes, "Wow, he's being really nice. That makes me like you. And your behavior is implying that you like me too." Yeah, the girly part of me says that whether I believe any part of it is true or not. So gentlemen please, just stop being nice. Thanks.

Friday, June 18, 2010

People, People, PEOPLE!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hate people. Mostly just strangers. I mean, I'm a really warm person toward my friends (according to Beth), but if I don't actually know you, I don't care to get to know you usually. I love new friends though. It's just that I'm cruel and would rather leave church immediately afterward rather than standing around trying to talk to someone just because they're from the same state. (Sorry Laura. I think that's dumb.)I think that's all the explaining I'm going to do here. I really can't explain it any better.
People are stupid. Groups especially. I love BYU, but I kind of find the people as a whole to be completely dreadful. I like most of the individuals I've gotten to know, but when I think about groups of two or more than five-ish...I shudder. Sometimes I curl up in a ball and want to cry.
Well, I even think some of my best friends are idiots. Only because I'm reluctant to believe they do the stupid things they do intentionally. If I believed that, then I would just call them jerks. But anyway (I know there's a chance that some of the people I am thinking of may find this. It's ok. I still love you. I even still like you. The way I am to your face is super accurate.) Anyway, sometimes I make bad judgement too, but I have more fun complaining about other people. And those people are idiots.
And yeah, at the same time there are individuals I need, there are groups I need, and heck, everybody has to be a stranger at some point or other.