Saturday, October 9, 2010

or something...

I keep debating writing this one blog. It's kinda embarrassing and sappy as anything though. I don't really know who actually reads this thing anyway. Not many people, that's for sure.
Anyway, I think this blog is just about writing that other blog. I'm reasoning it out and I'm thinking it's not gonna happen right now. Too bad for you. There would have been lots of juicy Carrotsoda gossip spilled everywhere.
And so yeah. Just letting my mind do the walking or something...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just something cool from my life story.

So, the background you need to know for this story to make sense:
1. Sam is the mother of an Irish dancing family that used to go to my school. They had to move to Virginia last year though.
2. I went to Washington D.C. this summer with my Venturing crew.
3. There have been many points over the past year when I have prayed to be and instrument in God's hands. In my opinion, if I am only here on earth to make somebody else's day a little brighter than that's good enough for me.
4. Sam's family came down to our school's dance competition this past weekend. My mom got to talk to her and sent me this story. (I only edited it enough to take out distinct names.)

Now onto the story!

"Sam told me how happy she was to see you in Washington this summer. She said she'd really been missing familiar faces, she said she knew the Lord lead them to Virginia but it wasn't home yet. She was praying for some comfort and peace in her heart, but it wasn't happening. That Friday she decided to take the kids to Washington, to see her uncle's name on the Viet Nam memorial, but the kids were being uncooperative, so she decided not to go, but then she found out it was her uncle's birthday, so she felt like they really needed to go. So they went, but were later than she wanted to be. But when one of the kids saw you she felt like you were an answer to her prayers. She got such a sense of comfort from seeing you so far from home, it really brought her the peace she was looking for. Isn't it cool to be the answer to someone else's prayers?"

Yes Mommy, it is.