Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Snow Blog.

Oh philosophy, how you take over my life when I don't want you. Yes, this blog will turn into some kind of a self philosophy discussion at about a seven-year-old's level. Hang on for the ride and I'll give you something special, like a high five.

Anyway, we went skiing on Friday. Way cool. And gorgeous. Cool and gorgeous.I like that combination. It was snowing and the ground was snow. (Not covered in snow. It was snow.)

So today, I was staring out the window in church, (thanks Harmon building) looking at the snow and it got me thinking. Here's what I wrote. Be warned, it's kind of stream-of-conscience-ish. That should strike fear into your heart.


"I'm looking at the snow. It's everywhere. I mean it. Thank you Utah. Now, if I focus on one cubic centimeter of snow, how many snow flakes are in that small area? I don't know, but it is definitely a lot more than I want to count. Now, multiply that times a whole lot and you basically have a ton of snow. And each little snow flake had to be created individually. Holy cow, wait what? I think of snow as a whole, but there are mazillions of individual flakes everywhere I focus my eye.
"Maybe, I do the same to other things. Maybe I see myself as one snow flake. Hey, I'm pretty and cool and shiny and white and glittery. Only problem is I'm so busy noticing myself a just one snow flake that I forget that the rest of the snow is actually a bunch of individual snow flakes too. Wowie."

Yessum, those are the kinds of things I think of during Relief Society. Interestingly though, I payed enough attention to notice that the lesson was about the Creation and they did take time to talk about what God created for us and why he would do something that cool. HA! I beat them to it and stayed on topic in my own little bubble without noticing I was doing that.