Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear you, Stop it! Love, Kara

My very best friend Sharon and I have come to a decision and we are laying out the law. Listen up gentlemen.
If you don't like me, stop being so nice. It really is a huge problem considering I'm just used to jerk-wads. (Yes, those are wads of jerkiness.) So yeah, when a guy is excessively nice or even just uncommonly kind for that matter my girly brain goes, "Wow, he's being really nice. That makes me like you. And your behavior is implying that you like me too." Yeah, the girly part of me says that whether I believe any part of it is true or not. So gentlemen please, just stop being nice. Thanks.

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Zyzmog said...

Guys have the same problem. Remember what Megara told Hercules? Yeah. Life would be easier and much less ambiguous if we would just be rude to each other.