Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have writer's block

Well, I mean, I can't actually write what I'm supposed to be writing. It's called a Great Works Response. I've seen this movie three times. I know what it's about. I know the context. I know what I should be saying, it's just that when I go to write it I have some major issues. Which is why I'm pretending to write about something completely separate. Maybe eventually I'll work my way into that other paper.
Let me tell you, next semester is not allowed to be fun. I basically have classes all day and then I'm thinking about getting a job. Yes, I am insane. Most likely certifiably so. Would you like to drag me to an asylum now? Which one? I'll walk there myself. Especially if it meant I would not have to do that lame paper.
Fine. I'll just write something about it.

Nope. I tried. Epic failure. Well, maybe not epic. There was no cool music playing in the background or anything. Mostly just a regular type failure then.

Oh well. I quit. Night.

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